BOC successfully and efficiently manages all key customer touchpoints throughout the Gautrain transport network, including stations, security control centres, Gautrain bus and midibus services, and Gautrain rail resources. This involves management of a modern train route with 10 stations that connect Johannesburg and Hatfield in just 42 minutes.


We also take care of a dense network of crossover bus connections up to 10 km from the Gautrain stations. Maintaining safety and customer satisfaction levels of all transport system users is one of the key objectives for Bombela Operating Company. 


As a leading transport operator, BOC always strives for service excellence and to provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation solutions for passengers and commuters every day, all year round. We are here to bring real improvements to your whole travelling experience.



It is within BOC’s scope of efficiency to track and manage the flow of passengers at the stations. We have provided all stations with the relevant technology and personnel, from the parking area to the entry and exit points of the network. Our midibus service to the Gautrain stations as well as our bus service, operating with predefined timetables, will take you to or from any bus stop point to a Gautrain station and move you to your destination, making our solutions a true multi-modal system.


BOC currently manages all ten stations within the grid, encountering new customers who use the network for the first time, to daily and occasional commuters who are more familiar with the stations, with the aim for all to experience the same customer service level. We ensure consistent availability of transport services for public transport users, the cleanliness of all stations, seamless transition from one point to another, and well-maintained facilities. 


Our abilities show that we have the expertise and technology to improve and maintain transport networks and all modes of transportation. Our dream is to make sure that travellers have a great journey experience and a high standard of service from start to finish.

bombela-security-system (1)

Security control center

At BOC, safety and security are of the highest priority and importance. We have employed extensive security measures enabled by high technology solutions. We have state-of-the-art CCTV coverage for all stations and at key locations throughout the transport network. We have mounted satellite tracking and radio communication systems in all buses and midibuses for the passengers’ safety and security while on the road. We have stationed security personnel who maintain a 24-hour presence at all Gautrain stations and parking areas.


Our Security Control Centre platform monitors and ensures the safety of passengers, the public, and our employees. The functionalities of the centre give an in-depth overview of minute-by-minute operations across the entire rail and bus grid, making it possible for us to always be proactive in ensuring safety and security at Gautrain stations always.


Now you can go further, faster and safer.