Bombela Operating Company has the expertise and technology to improve and maintain transport networks and all modes of transportation. Our unique expertise and a network of partners worldwide ensures that our passengers are transported in comfort and safety.


BOC is responsible for the maintenance of efficient operations of the Gautrain and its supporting modes of transport including buses and midibuses. To this end, BOC is constant in its commitment to providing a safe and reliable transportation system and a world-class travel experience for all users.


At BOC, we understand that creating an experience for commuters goes beyond timeous service. We also strive to take good care of other essential touchpoints that influence the customer journey. This includes the service and maintenance of a train’s life cycle, the consistent availability of transport services for all users, the cleanliness of all touchpoints, seamless transition from one point to another, and well-maintained facilities.


The high level of maintenance is evident in the number of disruptions that have been experienced and reported by users. This number is less than 4% year-on-year, bearing testament to the consistent standards expected of ourselves and our subcontractors. We are committed to improving the quality of life and the experience of travellers, by always providing them with more security, comfort and personalized solutions.