About us

Bombela Operating Company (Pty) Ltd was awarded the African Transport Operator of the Year Award in 2017. We pride ourselves in operating and maintaining the first high-speed train in Africa.

As a transport operator, we are not only experts within the rail environment, but also operate buses, midibuses and stations efficiently, with our key performance indicators rating over 90% over the past eight years.

Every day we innovate for more sustainable and smart cities by designing, operating and maintaining long-distance and short-distance transport networks that serve the well-being of our travellers. We do this with passion and determination.


To be the Preferred Operator and Maintainer of the Gautrain systems now and beyond with world class customer satisfaction and safety performance.


  • Moving our customers daily by means of trains, buses and midibuses in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Consistently meeting & exceeding our contractual obligations.
  • Positively impacting communities around our operations.


Before we build, we analyse any expectations and study the limitations to propose the solution that suits your tailored needs. Our industry knowledge and strategic partnerships ensure a smooth flow of studies, design, service, control, SHEQ, operational maintenance, operations and ticketing of your preferred solution.

To ensure world-class operations, we have partnered with RATP Dev, the world's fifth-largest transport operator. RATP Group operates and maintains tens of thousands of kilometres of metro, bus, tram, urban and interurban rail systems worldwide.